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Woodchipper Serie 200 + 250

Woodchipper for wood until 200 or 250 mm

The wood chipper of the series 200 and 250 are professional devices of the upper class in the known DÜCKER quality, intended for heavy constant use. They also process material with a high proportion of green-safely and trouble-free.

The chippers are equipped with a heavy 3-knife-tandem-shredding-disc. The newly developed knife-fixing system makes a readjustment of the knives unnecessary. The shredding disk can be fixed during maintenance work. The composite welding design is extremely stable and unbreakable. Large side-wings with exchangeable endpieces and additional broaches ensure a trouble-free ejection of the hacked material. The bottom wearing plate in the housing is changeable and guarantees a long life of the chipper.

The ejection pipe is adjustable and arrests without tools. The evenly cutted pieces of wood with 13/14 cm length are ejected up to 10 m. In combination with an adjustable ejection flap, the direction and distance can be exactly adjusted.

H 200 in rear-mounting at the tractor

The two entry rollers, mounted horizontally in the feeding-in funnel, are each driven by an hydraulic motor. The chippers have their own oil supply with an efficient hydraulic pump. The speed of the entry rollers is infinitely variable. The safety bracket which runs around the feeding-in funnel enables to switch the entry rollers to position "Stop”, “Pulling-in” or “Reverse”. The feeding-in funnel is folded up for a safe transport.

The Dücker wood chipper HM 200 can be equipped alternativelly with an efficient silenced Hatz-Diesel-Engine (2 cylinder, 33 HP or 3 cylinder, 50 HP) as required. The HM 250 is operated by a Hatz-Diesel-Engine with 4 cylinder, 66 HP. All used Diesel-Engine are supplied as “silent” models. An revolution control system is standard. It stops at reduction of revolution the moving in and starts again automatically. Besides the revolutions, the display of the machine also shows further important data like days or total working hours and motor control function. 

HM 200

HM 250 with tandem-chassis

The total unit including the motor and drive is mounted on a turn ring, rotatable by 360°, on a tandem axle frame with overrunning brake (special equipment for HM 200). The shaft with change-over-head for DIN-drawbar-eye and ball-head belongs to the large standard equipment of the Dücker HM-Series and is infinitely adjustable in height without the use of tools. All HM-Types have a MOT-acception up to 80 km/h and are equipped with a lighting system in accordance with the traffic regulations.

The Dücker wood chipper of the series 200 and 250, which are operated by PTO-shaft, are also equipped with an own oil supply. The revolutions of the PTO-shaft should amount to 1,000 rpm. On request, the revolutions of the PTO-shaft can be reduced to 540 rpm by means of a gear-reducer-unit. Also included in the standard delivery volume is a Walterscheid-joint-shaft of heavy construction with free wheel and overload protection.

When using tractors of the lower class, an automatic revolution control system is necessary to protect the motor and to relieve the operator.

The wood chipper H 200 and H 250 are mounted on the rear three-point hydraulic cat. I and II of the tractor.

H 250 in rear-mounting

The front-units HF 200 and HF 250 are mounted to the front of the vehicle with corresponding mounting parts. The mounting is possible in the front three-point hydraulic cat. I and II or in the vehicle plate size 1, 3 or 5. By extending the ejection pipe, it is possible to fill a towed vehicle which runs parallel.

H 250

HF 200

HM 200

HM 250

The disk of the H 200/ H 250

Pulling-in rollers in H 200 and H 250 are horizontal ordered

Adjustment of the tandem disk at the H 200 and H 250

The tandem disk of the H 200 and H 250 is readily accessible

Easy adjustment of the woodchipper on the turn ring

HM 200 fitted at one-axle-chassis with turn ring 360°

H 200 and H 250, functional help for folding in

Woodchipper H 200, drive about hydraulic of the vehicle, fitted at one-axle-chassis

HF 250 with over-blow-appliance

Woodchipper HM 250

Woodchipper H 250 at the tractor

HM 200

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